Friday, November 25, 2016

Sawyer's Style - Part One

Many have asked for a round-up of favorite brands of ours for Sawyer. Those who know me well know that I am a Nike shorts and a t-shirt kind of girl, and grown-up me is working on doing better on my own style. With Sawyer though, it's so easy and fairly affordable to dress him well.

I'm going to share the brands we love, some tips on making toddler fashion a little more affordable and how to avoid knock-offs over my next few posts. Yes, I said knock-offs, there are some amazing brands with original content that are majorly being ripped off due to their designs being copied and mass-produced. I look forward to being able to write about that in order to help you get a quality product and for the small shops to be able to sell their original content. Supporting small shops is important to our family, and I'm excited to share our favorites with you.

First up is Saturday Morning Pancakes. Kid-friendly gangster rap - yes please! These shirts just put a smile on any grown-up's face and they cause older children to stop and start dancing the steps to 'Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae)'!

This next shop is another one where we have multiples from it. Passive Juice Motel is one we wear a lot! Music and pop culture are important to me, and the creative minds behind PJM are amazing. They bring so much awesomeness to the table with their shirts; from music to 90's pop culture they are always a hit with our family!

Little Dude N Dudette has been a closet staple since Sawyer was born. I proudly own that it sometimes seems like every other word out of my mouth is 'Dude'! So to have a company that makes a shirt that says 'Dude' while looking classic makes it a huge hit in our home.

Little Adi + Co is our summer must have - they have the best bummies and swim trunks. From fun colors to monochrome awesomeness Little Adi + Co seriously has it all!

WILD + BEAR is the one shop where I am like I want all the things! Seriously, their stuff is so creative but clean and simple at the same time. This shop is also a great place to find cute, not obnoxious Mini & Me outfits. 

As a family we rock us some ILY Couture. Michael has the Hubs sweatshirt, I have the Wifey t-shirt and a pair of earrings, Sawyer has a few of their shirts and I can't wait to go back for more!! This company throws out some great products! Also, I recommend following the company's creator Christine Andrew's Instagram @hellofashionblog. She's gorgeous, her kids are cute, but she's so real and fun!

Jollygood Apparel is basically hipster perfection (I hope they don't mind that description)! They make my favorite Christmas shirt, and they have a bunch of super creative, corky shirts. I'm obsessed with their Jolly Mariner shirt and can't wait to snag it.

Two brands make my favorite age shirts and they are: Hatcher Press and Vicarious Clothing. Yes, they're great for birthdays, but we love rocking them any time because it's for only so many years that you can get away with proudly wearing your age on your shirt! 😉

Vicarious Clothing also makes some other great announcement shirts, like Big Bro/Sis ones, and some with a great message or verse on them.

Soon, I will be knocking out posts featuring clothes with a strong and positive message, and then one with our local Lawrence/Kansas City favorite small shops who make awesome apparel. You can also check out my Polyvore profile for all the clothes featured in the flat lays featured in this post. As mentioned at the beginning, I'll finish up this series with a post regarding ways to make supporting small shops more affordable and avoiding knock-offs. Give us a follow to stay up to date! ✌

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sawyer's Second Birthday

Sunday, July 17th we celebrated Sawyer's second birthday with the family. Penguins was the theme, and we gathered at my in-laws to celebrate S Man.

For his first birthday we enjoyed a day at the KC Zoo as just a little family, and Sawyer had loved the penguins. When we went earlier this year it was all about the penguins again, so I chose that as the theme. Plus it gave it a little bit of a Christmas in July vibe. Nothing like trying to beat the heat than thinking about snow and ice!
I accidentally lost two of our balloons walking
out of the store. My in-laws saved the day
with the B&W balloons! 

Penguin Food!

FaceTiming with Uncle Brad.
Igloo Fort
Someone was super excited to get his first bike!

Pin the Bow Tie on the Penguin

So grateful to our friend Kristina for her amazing work
creating the penguin for the game!!
Little kids blindfolded = cute and hilarious!

Party Inspo:
Pin the Tie on the Penguin:

Igloo Fort: http: //

Overall look/feel/vibe of the party:

Mini Cakes:

Getting a 2 yro to stand still. HA. HA. 
Is it a # 2 or the letter S!?!

Sawyer's Shirts:

ILY Couture:

Yummy Cookies and Cake:
April's Sweet Treats:

It was a happy day, a bit stressful as with any party, but the smile on his face when he opened presents or played with those balloons was priceless. This kid, seriously, he keeps us going because he radiates joy!