Monday, March 16, 2009

This is scary!

I've debated for an extremely long time if I was going to create this place for my thoughts online - obviously I jumped on the band wagon.

I think that the common thing is that people start off with a little bit about themselves - blah!

The main thing sticking out in my head right now is that I really want to work hard and not cuss in this new part of me - I'm a horrible person who cusses all the blasted time in real life and I hate it - so it's not gonna happen here!

Alright, I'm moving on . . . I'm a girl who loves to write, especially about herself and her experiences (so selfish, right!!), so here goes nothing.

Little details about muah:
- Philippians 4.13 is the verse of my life, it gets me through anything and everything.
- I'm very married to my high school babe and I couldn't be more blessed.
- I collect postcards; I have about 4,000 and they're all organized. Wahoo - I'm a huge nerd!!
- Being an aunt is one of the best things about my life.
- I suck horribly at college - I will be done summer '10, but that was after I was supposed to graduate in December '08. No fun!
- My goal after school is to be somewhere in life that I am able to hang out with kids and help guide them to grow up and be awesome.
- I love quotes - you will be seeing them so much you'll get sick of me and will demand that I be lynched!

I'm moving on now - this stuff isn't that important and it really doesn't begin to encompass who I am. So, let the fun begin . . .