Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wonderful Poem

Lord, My Savior

Shivering before my mirror
I hung my head in shame
At the mess I’d made of life
And I had no one else to blame.

Then I raised my eyes and saw
Not my own dark, lonely face
Reflected in the piece of glass
But one of divine grace.

Boundless in love, profound to see
Was my Lord’s tender smile;
Two tear-filled eyes stared back at me
Questioning my denial.

I felt your pain rip through me
As you gazed into my eyes
And I knew my fall had started
When I’d severed all our ties.

“Lord, do you still know me
The way that I am now?
Can you help me to break free?
I beg you, show me how.”

As if a spell were broken,
Warmth soon washed over me,
And I knew my Lord would guide me
Back to living righteously.

Lord, you came to save me,
To remind me what is true;
You are my Rock and courage—
I turn my life over to you.

Nancy S. Schiller – Media, Pennsylvania