Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, I've got a story for ya . . .

That's how one of the most interesting and liberating conversations starting for me. On Tuesday night as we were winding down at work and I began to hint to Dr. Bradley to let me go for the evening. He stopped me and said just that - he had a story for me. Apparently, he likes analogies and he rolled into this story about football teams and rebuilding seasons. The moral to his lovely story was that though things at work have been hard the last month (Carey, the precious office manager has been gone) he knows that I have been working hard and things are starting to click. This opened the door for me to agree and say that yes, things are starting to click but I'm still struggling when it comes to reading him and being able to talk to him. Which felt so good. I was able to air something that has been hard for me in a calm and easy manner with no repercussions.

I need to definitely hold onto this conversation for a while because Lord know it may never come again and I'll never know what kind of mood he'll be in every day. Ultimately, there is comfort in that I know that God requested that I not worry about tomorrow because today has enough troubles on its own, and He'll be there to protect and guide me. Thank you, God, for this small pick-me-up.