Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Glimpse of the good life . . .

So, I am out of the veterinary hospital!! I started a new job on October 3rd at Foley Equipment in Topeka. It's a Caterpillar dealership, so I get to hang around big construction equipment all day. I'm the new receptionist there, and I love it!

1. I get to be ME!!!
2. I actually don't like leaving work because I get to work with great people and do stuff that I enjoy doing.
3. I work with other Christians that actually challenge me to be better and closer to God.
4. People actually care about each other, and as stated above they're interested in learning about and helping each other.

Continuing on my post from August I must take time to turn around and thank God for wrapping his arms around me and helping lift me up a bit. Getting out of the vet helped a lot, but more than that He opened the door to a job that while it's not the Christian organization I also said I wanted to work at, I am very happy and at home there. Most importantly I'm being challenged to look to Him and honor Him, which is a lot to be said for in the average work environment today.

Michael and I have also started going to church again, which feels great. We're at FBC Lawrence which we started to go to at the beginning of the year but got lazy and stopped going. Walking in the people that reached out to us the first time have once again opened their hearts to us - I like that a lot. I am happy that we've gotten off our butts and are going back.

The only thing still in limbo is our finances, and I think we may finally be getting back on track their too! It's the evil Target card - if we use it at all then we open the door to getting off track which is what we've been doing the last few months. Our savings still sucks but we're turning it around. With God I know we'll turn things around and will get on track.

Anyways, screw getting a glimpse of the good life. I have a good life and I need to focus on that. My husband love me and I him, and we have 6 crazy animals. Just because we don't have a house or a child doesn't mean I haven't reached the good life. We/I can improve a number of areas and make them better, but I need to focus on the fact that things are very good and as event from my August post can most definitely be worse.

To end on a wonderful beyond positive note - both Brett and Katelyn were baptized in September. Praise be to God!!