Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sawyer's Birth Story. Only Two Years Late.

I've wanted to share Sawyer's birth story for a while, but like everything else since having him I kept pushing it to the bottom of the to-do list. I've actually had it written down in his baby book, so I really don't know why I kept putting this off.

Let me start by saying that when I tell people about our day when we had him I describe it as having a date that day. It went that well, and yes, I realize I am so blessed to have such a great time giving birth (that's such an oxymoron).

Our midwife decided to induce on 7/11/14, as my blood pressure had gotten a little too high. My due date was 7/17. It was after the fact that the midwife said I probably would've gone naturally within 24 hours, you'll see why as you read on.

Michael and I got up that morning and went for breakfast at Hanover Pancake House, and then arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am. We were checked in and taken to our room. Around 8:40 I was given the meds to get things going and my water was broken. From there family was in and out visiting. It was very relaxed and the giddy anticipation was thick in the air.

As the morning progressed I lasted until around 10:40 through the contractions and requested the epidural. From there it was a waiting game.

My nurse and midwives left for lunch and around 12:40 pm I was checked again and I was told it was time. It was time to meet our little person!! I should also say that we did not find out what were having, so the surprise element was also hanging around us.

I pushed a total of five times (3 pushes per set) and at 1:14 pm our baby entered the world!! Leslie, our main midwife, called out "Mom was right," and it was then that I connected the dots that she meant we had a BOY!!! It was amazing! He was gorgeous! We had already picked out Sawyer Breckin to be the name boy or girl, but to have a face for the name was breathtaking!

Random detail that caught my attention immediately was how clean he came out (Ha ha, I know, weird but true)! But it was odd enough that the nurses and midwives all joked about how clean he was too. They brought him to my chest where he stayed for quite some time, and then they finished the testing needed and he got his first bath.
My expression is priceless.
I was in shock that it was over and how easy it was!

It was truly magical and an entirely enjoyable birth experience, for which, I am very grateful to God for!

Random facts from the day and those that immediately followed:

  • Sawyer Breckin Hall, born 7/11/14, weighing 7 lb. 11 oz. and that's what I weighed when I was born too!!
  • He gets free slushies for life on his birthday! Woot woot for having a 7/11 bday!
  • He was 20 3/4 inches long.
  • We had Michael, my mom and my mother-in-law in the room.
  • Michael chickened out so my mom cut the cord.
  • My MIL took pictures.
  • We only had one postpartum nurse who frustrated us, so I call that a win.
  • Sawyer refused to basically sleep his second night on earth, and that was so hard. He even got kicked out of the nursery because he wouldn't settle down. My night nurse ended up staying with me for most of the night to keep me company and a positive attitude going about the situation. Bless her, seriously, she was amazing! I still have no clue what happened there, especially since to this day he is now a fantastic sleeper!
  • Postpartum healing was tough. My birth may have been easy, but healing from it, not so much.
  • I physically breastfed for approximately 5 months and after that switched to exclusive pumping. Sawyer just wouldn't latch well the whole time, plus I have weird boobs (I hate them), and add in working full-time we were a mess. We were able to go until he was just over 10 months old fully breastfed, and then my supply dropped enough so I added in formula for a few of his feedings each day. We did that through him being just over 13 months. I fully intended to go until he was 2, but I was exhausted from pumping and my supply dropped so much so by then, it was just naturally time.
We had one of each color of polo so that became our gender reveal! 
Heart hurts looking at this picture. We lost Grandpa Hicks 5/30/16.
So happy he was a part of Sawyer's life!! So much joy here!

The first time I was in the room by myself with him I snapped this little gem.