Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sawyer's Second Birthday

Sunday, July 17th we celebrated Sawyer's second birthday with the family. Penguins was the theme, and we gathered at my in-laws to celebrate S Man.

For his first birthday we enjoyed a day at the KC Zoo as just a little family, and Sawyer had loved the penguins. When we went earlier this year it was all about the penguins again, so I chose that as the theme. Plus it gave it a little bit of a Christmas in July vibe. Nothing like trying to beat the heat than thinking about snow and ice!
I accidentally lost two of our balloons walking
out of the store. My in-laws saved the day
with the B&W balloons! 

Penguin Food!

FaceTiming with Uncle Brad.
Igloo Fort
Someone was super excited to get his first bike!

Pin the Bow Tie on the Penguin

So grateful to our friend Kristina for her amazing work
creating the penguin for the game!!
Little kids blindfolded = cute and hilarious!

Party Inspo:
Pin the Tie on the Penguin:

Igloo Fort: http: //

Overall look/feel/vibe of the party:

Mini Cakes:

Getting a 2 yro to stand still. HA. HA. 
Is it a # 2 or the letter S!?!

Sawyer's Shirts:

ILY Couture:

Yummy Cookies and Cake:
April's Sweet Treats:

It was a happy day, a bit stressful as with any party, but the smile on his face when he opened presents or played with those balloons was priceless. This kid, seriously, he keeps us going because he radiates joy!