I originally started writing this blog as a creative outlet for my thoughts on life's happenings and what God was speaking to me about them. It could be anything from something personally affecting me to something happening in current pop culture, I just like to write about what I had learned from it in order to maybe help others grow.

I have a family now and I see myself moving more to a lifestyle blog. But here's the catch, my life isn't glamorous and I've always been an open book about that. I love reviewing and learning about products, especially for my son, Sawyer. Also, I am big on passing along to people what I've learned as an aunt and mom. I am often asked about what Sawyer wears so you'll see a lot of that being shared.

Oh and by the way, my name is Elizabeth. Hi!! And welcome, seriously!! 

I grew up in a small town an hour south of Kansas City but Lawrence, Kansas is home! I have my bachelors from Ottawa University in Communications & Religion. When I was a few months shy of 20 I started getting these really bad headaches every day. After a lot of research and doctors visits I was originally diagnosed with Cluster Headaches. Cluster Headaches can morph into a Chronic Daily Headache, and that's where I am currently. I hurt at some point every day it just depends on how bad. But I hold firm that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. He's got my back and if I'm healed great and if not He's giving me new strength every day.

Michael and I have been together since we were 16 and were married December 2008. We met at church after his family moved to town when we were in middle school. Our marriage has survived a lot. I am okay being open about our struggles because I know God is able to use our story to help others grow.

July 2014 welcomed us one cool little dude. Sawyer is my little bestie. I remember being so scared to get pregnant in the first place because of my headaches, but God took that fear and said it's going to be okay. I have seen that because my guy respects the quieter days and he is a great sleeper, among so many amazing qualities this kid possesses.

It's tough to summarize one's life, but that's the gist. I welcome you and hit me up anytime you want to chat!

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For the TLDR:
Jesus Girl
Wife to my bestie
Mom to our little bestie
Deal with some chronic daily headaches
Kansas Girl
Aunt since I was 6 - these peeps are very important to me
Philippians 4:13 - all day, err day
Only part of me is ashamed to say I love Pop Culture
Work to live above culture's influence (aka rebel against it) and flourish (aka kick butt at doing so)