Why 'The Flourishing Rebel'?

When I picture who I am and who I've become that expression is how I see myself in my true form. Honestly, most days I miss obtaining that title as I wear many hats starting with wife, then mom and girl dealing with some chronic pain.

The rebel me starts back in high school. A few people labeled me as such, and I fought against it [oh, the irony there]. Rebel has such a negative sound to it, and I truly didn't feel I was one. 

A simple definition of rebel, according to Merriam Webster's online is: a person who opposes a person or group in authority; a person who does not obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

Taken in the context of not accepting normal standards of behavior I can see where my peers came up with rebel now. And let me tell you, grown up me takes that as a big fat compliment!
T.Marie Photography

I was the girl in high school who did a pretty good job resisting peer pressure and naturally tried to stand up for what was right. What I saw as just being me, others saw as someone going against the norm, or rebelling. See, being Christian is simply and yet wholly who I am. I just live it. I led our school's FCA and organized See You at the Pole's every year. Mostly though, I wrote about Jesus a lot in our school's newspaper. I didn't shove Him in anyone's face; it was mostly commentary on life's happenings and growing pains and where I saw Him fitting into those. In a culture that more and more has no Jesus in school I was the girl who wasn't afraid to work to let Him in. I never it saw it as a big deal, nor being rebellious; it was just who I am as a person. When I write I like to write about my Creator.

I took a class called Developmental Leadership my senior year. One assignment consisted of each student writing something about the other on little slips of paper. A few years ago I found those little slips and a number of them had references to my FCA leadership, being a strong Christian and being true to who I am in Jesus even when in school where it's easy to get sucked into just fitting in.

It was in those quiet moments when flashbacks of feeling awkward for being called a rebel fell over me that I got what they meant. I shook the normal standard of behavior for most teenagers by being true to Him and myself, so in effect I was a rebel. I didn't see it then, but I was able to help people recognize right from wrong by being above the influence of the normal pressures of teenage life.

Being Christian means to become Jesus' disciple in order to make other disciples. We are to help others flourish in order to help them move forward to help others grow. So, by my little rebellion I helped a few people when I didn't even realize it and my greatest hope is to help others be true to Him and flourish well in their own little rebellions.